Bangladesh Armed Services Board Job Circular 2022

Bangladesh Armed Services Board Job Circular 2022, In 1942, the British Crown formed a tri-service body called ‘Soldiers, Sailors and Air Force Board’ for the welfare of employees in the five districts of the then undivided Bengal, Dhaka, Noakhali, Chittagong, Barisal and Dinajpur. After the Indo-Pakistani partition in 1947, it renamed as Pakistan Armed Services Board (PASB). With the independence of Bangladesh, the organization reformed into the Bangladesh Armed Services Board and placed under the Ministry of Defense (MOD). However, with the establishment of the Armed Forces Division (AFD), control of all aspects except budget, statutory and TO&E matters vested in AFD. The role of BASB is to provide potential welfare to the serving and retired persons of the Armed Forces.

BASB has two levels of administration, one is BASB in which serves as the head office and the other is the District Armed Services Board (DASB). At the moment we have 20 x DASB. The members of the Board, the Secretary and its staff will jointly and individually strive to achieve the objectives. Detailed instructions for this purpose issued from time to time with the approval of the Central Board. The primary responsibility for efficient management of the office of the District Armed Services Board rests with the Secretary. The Secretary shall receive instructions from the Director in accordance with the instructions and policies laid down by the Central Board and shall not be an advisor to the Director in enforcing such instructions. The Central Board may speak directly to the District Armed Services Board on all such matters. May be deemed necessary.

Bangladesh Armed Services Board Job Circular 2022

  • Deadline: 27 July 2022
  • Vacancy: 49
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Major or above or an officer of the rank of Navy or Air Force nominated by the concerned authority of the area. Residents of the district, three former army members. The Bangladesh Armed Forces Board is an inter-military body. Welcome to the Armed Forces Boarder Web site. This organization providing assistance in various charitable activities. For the serving and retired members of the Armed Forces and their families. The organization dedicated to improving the quality of life and building a secure future for the armed forces by ensuring the proper use of the facilities available to them in social and national life. The following activities are being conducted by coordinating the former members under the present welfare activities. ‍See more job in chakrir kbr.

To co-operate in the family pension system for the pets of retired members. Provide free medical services to retired members of the Armed Forces in the district town. Free safe quality old age home for retired destitute and uprooted members. Improving the socio-economic status of retired members through interest free and unsecured micro loans. Assist in providing employment opportunities to retired members. The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and the Defense Forces are in the process of launching. It multifaceted welfare activities for retired members and their families, which published on this website in phases. In addition to this, you can find various information. About various service activities and pension processing conducted by the Army Welfare Organization from this web site.

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