World Fish Organization Job Circular 2021

World fish organization job circular 2021 posted as a good job for you. WorldFish is an international, non-profit research and innovation organization to reduce hunger, malnutrition and poverty in Africa, Asia and the Pacific. For more than 45 years, our work in sustainable aquaculture and fisheries has improved the lives of millions of women, men and youth. Fish and other aquatic foods grown and harvested from oceans, lakes, rivers and ponds earn more than 600 million people and provide 3.3 billion in 20% of their protein intake.

Our focus on sustainability ensures that the way we produce and use these foods today means a huge future for generations to come. So evidence-based solutions range from family to global policies and cover six interconnected themes: nutrition, gender, climate, sustainability, economy and COVID-19. We are champion of aquatic food for healthy people and the planet and believe that a sustainable blue planet of nourished children, women and men is within our reach.

World Fish Organization Job Circular

Only the eligible person can apply in this circular. So see details of this circular start to end carefully. World fish organization is one of the largest industrial groups in Bangladesh. The company combines many industries.

  • Hand writing application send proper address that given in the image
  • Job: Bangladesh Navy
  • Qualification: See the circular
  • papers: As per circular
  • Deadline: 30 June 2021
  • Apply process see the below

World Fish Organization Job Circular 2021

WFO Recruitment Circular 2021

  • Vacancy: See the post
  • End date: 30 June 2021
  • Apply now

Progress in hunger and sustainable development through science and innovation to transform food, land and water systems with healthy people and aquatic food on the planet by 2030. We provide holistic thinking and scientific evidence to transform the aquatic food system for healthy people and the planet. About 17 percent of all animal protein intake comes from aquatic foods. These are, among the best sources of micronutrients – bites for stings – vitamins and minerals needed for health and wellness. The naturally low carbon footprint of aquatic foods also adds flexibility to communities coping with the growing effects of climate change.

Aquatic foods are produced and captured with a wide variety of technologies. So a wide variety of scales – ranging from indoor ponds. But small-sized fishers to fleets of global trawlers that navigate the ocean. Our strategy seeks to transform food systems from water to food to ensure fair and sustainable access. Equity is important locally so that women, youth and other marginalized groups are not deprived of the opportunity. Now use aquatic foods to enhance their health, well-being and economic life. Global equity is equally important, so that lower and middle-income countries can enable aquatic foods. At last develop their economies and support their people.

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