SSC Vocational Exam Routine 2023 With PDF New

SSC vocational exam routine 2023 very easy. SSC Vocational Routine 2023 has been published by the department of technical education board. The routine examination of the SSC vocational examination of 2023 will begin on 30 April 2023. The exam will run until 30 April. According to the routine written examination of SSC and Dakhil vocational will be held in 2023. And the practical exam will be held from 25 May to 20 July. See details of SSC vocational routine below.

SSC Vocational Routine Details

Usually the results are published 3 months after the submission of the examination. And after submitting the SSC, Vocational and Technical exam result, we got busy to look for the result server. Only then did the server problem of Education Board Result begin. So check the results from our site to avoid server down problem. So check the results from our site to avoid server down problem.

SSC Vocational Exam Routine 2023

SSC Vocational Exam Routine 2023 With PDF

SSC Vocational Exam Routine 2023 With PDF

ssc vocational routine 2023 pdf

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When will Vocational Exam start?

SSC Vocational and Dakhil Vocational examination will start from 30 April. And the exam ends on 23 May 2023. Vocational examinations will be held from 10 am to 1 pm. Each candidate must take a seat 30 minutes before the start of the exam.

Important information for Candidates

  • First, the multiple choice question will be held
  • After that the creative question will be held
  • You have to finish the multiple choice test in 30 minutes
  • Students will use the Scientific Calculator for Math
  • And it will take 2.30 minutes for a creative written examination
  • Apart from this, no advanced level calculator can be use
  • There will be no breaks between multiple-choice and creative examination
  • No electronic device should be use or brought to the exam center
  • Practical, information about practical integrations and multiple choice exams will have to be passed separately

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