Srizony Bangladesh NGO Job Circular 2022

Srizony Bangladesh NGO Job Circular 2022. So the General Committee consists of 19 members. Now the General Committee reviews and approves the annual budget and work plan. The General Committee is responsible for selecting the members of the Executive Committee. According to the law of the organization, GC members are elected for 3 years. This committee is the policy making and policy changing authority of the organization. The GC meeting discusses program activities, successes and failures. Program approval (budget) is provided by GC with money. Executive Committee (EC). Srijani Bangladesh has an 8-member executive committee. The Executive Committee is constituted by the members of the General Committee. According to the constitution, the founders and the chairman are accountable to the executive committee for their responsibilities. Srizony Bangladesh NGO Job Circular 2022.

The EC works under the direction of GC. EC members are accountable to GC members for their work. The committee meets on a quarterly basis. It approves the financial budget for the organization regarding the implementation of the planned activities of the organization. 6 members of the advisory committee. If necessary, they advise the management staff of EC and Sreezoni Bangladesh. Advisory committee meetings are held 3-5 times per year. Economically sustainable, environmentally friendly, healthy people with full dignity and social dignity and a just, fair, democratic and enlightened Bangladesh existing in an exploitation free society irrespective of race, age, gender, religion and caste. To create conducive environment for poverty alleviation, socio-economic development and establishment of Srizony Bangladesh NGO Job Circular 2022.

Srizony Bangladesh NGO Job Circular 2022

  • Qualification: See circular
  • Experience: See circular
  • Vacancy: 115

Srizony Bangladesh NGO Job Circular 2022

Deadline: 10 February 2022

সৃজনী বাংলাদেশ এনজিও নিয়োগ বিজ্ঞপ্তি ২০২২

Sreejini Bangladesh believes that people are both the subject and the object of the development process because people have a huge potential to change their plight. Sreezoni Bangladesh maintains a participatory and bottom-up development approach in its activities. The goal is to improve the living standards of poor people. Integrate and organize the disadvantaged and the extremely poor to improve their standard of living through microcredit, IGA and relevant livelihood assistance. Srizony Bangladesh NGO Job Circular 2022. Now visit here chakrir kbr.

  1. Promoting planned families and reducing maternal and child mortality and illness, as well as changing community behavior to prevent HIV / AIDS
  2. The goal is to increase the literacy rate by providing literacy and effective education to the uneducated
    Creating its own initiatives for the sustainability of the organization
  3. To build a capable human resource through humanities and skills development training Establish human rights and good governance, especially for abused women, children and the disabled, and reduce violence and inequality.
  4. Research on Safety Communication and Sustainable Environmental Sanitation, Hygiene, Water Supply and Arsenic Mitigation in Rural and Urban Areas
  5. Provide relief and rehabilitation assistance to those affected by natural disasters
  6. Encourage sustainable agriculture, aquaculture, social forestry, crop production and nursery development
  7. Establish an effective network to promote sustainable development for targeted beneficiaries and stakeholders and lobby with like-minded NGOs
  8. Ensuring support to target people according to their goals and objectives

Srizony Bangladesh Foundation Job 2022

The human rights situation in Bangladesh is getting worse day by day. The state takes some effective measures to meet the economic, social and cultural rights of the poor, such as food, health, education, employment, housing, water and land. Although the 1972 constitution of Bangladesh included universal human rights for all citizens, including the right to shelter, employment, health, education and food, many people in Bangladesh go to bed hungry every day. Sreezoni Bangladesh provides software and hardware support to project participants for the successful implementation of the program. Established as a human rights organization, Srijani Bangladesh has undertaken a number of human rights programs such as prevention of trafficking in women and children, legal aid, gender development, disability development, adolescent development, child group formation, rights training, etc. Sreejini Bangladesh is implementing human rights.

Activities related to its program intervention in the area since 1992. With the help of Supra and other networking organizations, Sreezoni Bangladesh works tirelessly to improve the human rights situation of the underprivileged population, especially women and children. It is true that Bangladesh is poor not because of lack of resources but because of lack of good governance. Human rights, equal participation, transparency, accountability and social justice constitute good governance. Democracy is understood when the system of governance works smoothly. Srijani Bangladesh believes that development cannot be accelerated to the desired goal without the establishment of human rights and good governance. Bangladesh is one of the developing countries of the world and most of the people are illiterate. Most of the people in this country are not aware of the system of good governance and the participation of the people is not significant.

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