Shishu Niloy Foundation Job Circular 2022

Shishu Niloy Foundation Job Circular 2022. Nasima Begum started working as Executive Director (Grade-1) of Shishu Niloy Foundation on September 1, 1989 when she graduated from Rajshahi University with a degree in Social Work. She was chosen for such a difficult job because she wanted to do something for disadvantaged and helpless people, especially children and women. But he was born on January 23, 1964, into an aristocratic family. He is the third of 5 siblings. He participated in the postgraduate competition in 1985. Like other educators, he has completed a “Diploma in Elementary Education Management Specialist” from King’s Alfred College, Winchester, UK; “Diploma in Community-Based Development” from St. Francis Xavier University, Canada.

“Commonwealth Professional Fellowship Course” from United Kingdom (UK), National Leadership Training (NLT) Course from Japan. He has also participated in various training courses at home and abroad; These are ‘Appeal Training Materials for Literacy Workers (ATLP)’; ‘ZOP (Objective Oriented Project Planning) Basic Course’; ‘Trainer Training (ToT)’; ‘NGO Management’; ‘Project Planning and Management’; ‘Project design and management etc. He has visited exposures in Spain, Turkey, Philippines, Kenya, Thailand, Indonesia, India etc. and has applied his knowledge for the betterment of disadvantaged people in the south-west of Bangladesh. Stay connect with us in

Shishu Niloy Foundation Job Circular 2022

  • Salary: 24000
  • Vacancy: 100 Plus
  • Deadline: 30 June 2022
Shishu Niloy Foundation Job Circular 2022

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