Padakhep NGO Job Circular 2022

Padakhep ngo job circular 2022. The move firmly believes that the sustainability of the organization depends on the target group of beneficiaries. It organizes the beneficiaries in groups and implements most of its programs / projects. Groups decide on the methods and types of support they need The steps help identify their needs. In light of identified needs, the organization provides technical and financial support to group members. The step follows a bottom-up and participatory development approach as its working strategy. To this end, the initiative first begins to organize and organize the beneficiaries by creating awareness from the grassroots level.

Although women are organized as primary beneficiaries, all members of the beneficiary families have to participate in development activities. In the decision-making process regarding the development of a family, the steps ensure the participation of all adult members of the family so that they can implement an activity collectively. Padakhep ngo job circular 2022. Padakhep ngo job circular 2022. Follows cluster / community approach in implementation of various activities. According to the approach, the workplaces are divided into clusters (step countryside). Cluster-based communities have been integrated through development approaches. All products and services are provided to targeted individuals in the community.

People’s participation is ensured by involving the concerned local governments. Padakhep strategically follows a multidimensional and participatory development approach called Holistic Development Approach (HDA) that is more conducive to meeting the basic needs of the poor. Develop and design action plan initiatives in line with the Poverty Reduction Strategy Plan (PRSP) and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to address priority issues such as education, human resource development, microfinance, agriculture and environment, health and sanitation, child development, etc. Done. Unlike many other NGOs in the beneficiary countries that are limited to the minimalist approach (microfinance only).

Padakhep NGO Job Circular 2022

  • Salary: 42,000/- TK
  • Vacancy: See circular
  • Deadline: 15 November 2022
Padakhep NGO Job Circular 2022
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Padakhep Job Recruitment 2022

Nuresha Begum, 36, was born in Bairagipara village in Paba upazila of Rajshahi district. He lived in a family of 4 members. Only two of them were earning numbers. He studied till 10th class. Agriculture was the only source of income for the family. The family farmed paddy, potatoes and other crops but none of them had formal training in crop production. Due to his educational background, Nuresha received training on crop production technology and took a loan of Rs 50 lakh. 10,000 / – from Naohata branch of Padakhep in Rajshahi in 2007.

After receiving the training, he took second, third, fourth and fifth term loans from the steps of 29,000 / -, 40,000 / -, 80,000 / -, and 200,000 / -. He then bought a tractor and a pick-up van with a loan. The tractor used to prepare land for growing paddy, potatoes and other crops on family land and land leased from neighbors. He started using pick-up vans to take his products to different markets which ensured a fair price for his products. Also, he helped his neighbors market their products at a fair price through his pick-up van.

Nuresha has a total of 10 employees. chakrir kbr. Of these, 3 are women and 6 are men. He has an ambitious plan to set up an integrated farm with crops, livestock (poultry, cattle, etc.) and fish so that he can earn more income and employ more people in his agricultural enterprise. Nuresha expressed gratitude for the loan to the initiative which enabled him to take training on crop production technology and finally earn a better income from crop cultivation.

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