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A Non-resident Bangladeshi (NRB) implies a Bangladeshi citizen living abroad with valid status.  Then this could either be as a foreign country’s permanent resident or with well work permit. In case of a foreign passport holder an endorsement either from the relevant Bangladeshi embassy. From Bangladesh Ministry of Foreign Affairs stating that “No visa is required” for traveling to Bangladesh required as a proof of dual citizenship.

All the functions of issuing general deposits within the single structure of the bank have multiple purposes. So the first goal is to make NNS a better investment platform. Then in the adopted economy and the long-term objective is to reduce the reliance on international financial institutions for external financing in the home economy.

NRBC bank job circular 2022

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  • Deadline: 22 October 2022

NRBC bank job circular 2022

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In fact NRB Bank known as Migrant Sponsored Banking [MSB] system. Yet it is a newly invented banking structure where the initial capital is provided by non-resident nationals and non-resident citizens. However, it learned that most of the deposits and these deposits will be repatriated at a later date.

Non-resident Bangladeshi circular 2022

Immigrant Bangladeshis have been demanding such a bank since the 1990s. 15 December 2006 in Dhaka. The government believes in the ongoing pressure of the Bangladeshi Sylhet Diaspora around the world. However, Md. Bayazid Sarkar, an economist and central bank official in Bangladesh, first developed a theoretical framework for the bank and formally incorporated the idea in his research paper entitled “The World Bank’s Alternative Resources for Foreign Financing in Bangladesh: A Foreign Remittance Approach”.

The Central Bank then called for NRB Bank’s application in finally in issued three NRB Bank (Non-Resident Bangladeshi Bank) licenses. The new born NRB banks are NRB Commercial Bank Limited, NRB Bank Limited and NRB Global Bank Limited. Therefore, Bangladesh is a leading country in introducing sponsored banking system. However, the new born banks need a lot of effort to come to its basic and broad purpose.

Like any other private commercial bank in Bangladesh, NRB Bank Limited provides a wide range of products and services for corporate, retail and SMEs. Even NRB Bank is known as the first bank to introduce secure Visa EMV card among the first fourth generation banks in Bangladesh. Now from day one the bank has introduced the first any branch banking including state of the art internet banking for both customer and corporate account holders.

NRB bank job circular info

NRB Commercial, a private commercial bank, will issue 12 crore ordinary shares at a price of Rs 10 each. Moreover, with the increase in IPO revenue, the bank will use Rs 110 crore to buy government securities.  So the initial public offering (IPO) subscription of NRB Commercial Bank is going to start from February 3, 2021 and it will continue till February 9, 2021. Which will be open to all types of investors. Then crores of rupees in the secondary market to buy shares and the rest for IPO related expenses. Find more jobs on job paper bd.

As of June 30, 2020, the bank’s total average earnings for the last five years and its net asset value per share were Rs 1.55 and Rs 13.66, respectively. Thus, according to the financial statements of the banks, its total profit has increased by 22 per cent year-on-year to Rs 3,220 crore. The work of the bank is going on. The bank has been booking higher profits for the past few years.

NRBs receive a number of benefits in Bangladesh. For example, NRBs receive various savings, investment benefits offered by Bangladesh Bank. So these include Non-Resident Foreign Currency Deposit, Wage Earners’ Development Bond, Non-Resident Investor’s Taka Account. For more information on facilities offered by Bangladesh Bank, visit

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