Laksmipur DC Office Job Circular 2022

Laksmipur DC Office Job Circular 2022. The original picture of the territory with which the present Lakshmipur district is situated was not like this. In most places the surging waves of the Bay of Bengal were intoxicating to sports. The famous Chinese traveler Hiuen Tsang described Kamalank as coastal in his travelogue Siuti. ‘Kamalanka’ is now the ancient name of Comilla and the former Tripura district. Poet Kalidas in his poem ‘Raghu Dynasty’ has called ‘Sushmi Desh’ as ​​’Taliban Shyamkantha’. He described the southern part of Comilla district and the northern part of Noakhali as ‘Sushmi Desh’.

Laksmipur DC Office Job Circular 2022. It is said that at the beginning of the first decade of the thirteenth century, the founder of Bhuluya kingdom, Biswaswar Shur came to this region from Murshidabad on a pilgrimage to Chandranath by boat to Chittagong (Chatgaon). It was definitely a new place to be. Raipur and Ramganj, which were then part of the Tripura district, may have been the smallest part of the ancient land to the north. At present most of the lands, rivers or seas of Lakshmipur district are gradually awakened as chars or islands. The areas with which Pur or Ganj is connected are also not the oldest. Visit Laksmipur DC Office Job Circular 2022.

The new settlers have added these. Only 200 years ago, the Scottish traveler Dr. seeing the geography of the region. Francis Buchanan writes (March 2, 1897): “There may have been chars at various times, or it may be that the region was formed by river sands. The soil everywhere is soft, loose; Mixed with it are avral sand particles and this soil layer is not arranged. Moreover, it goes without saying that the clay is not here. Laksmipur DC Office Job Circular 2022.

Laksmipur DC Office Job Circular 2022

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Laksmipur DC Office Job Circular 2022

Laksmipur DC Office Job Circular 2022

Laksmipur DC Office Job Circular 2022

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Apart from the houses of the rural people in the midst of the trees, many areas are still in their natural state. The land here is lower than the leaf hut and every pond filled with trees of the Sundarbans. The place where at one time a great storm arose and frightened man, was at one time pervading the Arnabacharas. Nowadays, a large number of people are happily spending time in that place. ” Quader (1991) states, “This vast tract of land is south of Meher in Tripura (Comilla) district, east of Feni river west of Meghna river, south of Tripura (Comilla).” Builds settlements for the purpose of trade and propagation of religion.

The once prosperous city of Islamabad sank into the river Meghna, but over time it became extinct in the river, along the coast and on the banks of the river Meghna. Contemporary historians have at various times commented that it is difficult to find any trace of its past existence in the history of the land consisting of today’s Lakshmipur district. This area specially identified since the founding of the kingdom of Bhuluya in the world. At that time the Bhulua border extended to the western Meghna river. As such, Laxmipur district was under Bhuluar.

Fakhruddin Mubarak conquered Bhulua in the middle of the fourteenth century. Here he established the eastern capital and appointed a ruler. A strong naval base established to guard the Meghna coastal border. At that time Pramatta Meghna river was flowing east-west over Farashganj and Bhabaniganj. So Bhulua was a village in Bhulua Pargana, 15 miles southwest of Maijdi (Noakhali) town and 3 miles east of Bhabaniganj (Lakshmipur). Now Bhulua bordered by the present town of Kasba and Tewariganj. Now see chakrir kbr.

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This naval base became famous as ‘Shahar Kasba’ during the Mughal period which was the main naval base of the Mughals in the East. In the middle of the seventeenth century, during the reign of Emperor Shah Jahan, Shaista Khan, the subedar of Bengal, sent ground troops from Dhaka’s Lalbagh Fort during the expedition against Sandwip and Portuguese pirates and Arakanese in Chittagong; At Chandpur the town came to Kasba along the Dakatiya and Meghna rivers and joined the navy. Thus the southern and western boundaries of Laxmipur district identified. The northern and eastern boundaries remained the same throughout the present. In the thirteenth century Lakshmipur was under Bhuluya kingdom.

There was a military base at Laxmipur during the rule of Mughals and East India Company. From the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries, the area was rich in salt and exported. Salt revolution happened here because of salt. The people of Laxmipur spontaneously participated in the Swadeshi movement. At this time Mahatma Gandhi visited this region. He often stayed at Kafilatli Akhra and Srirampur Rajbari in Ramganj. Rebel poet Kazi Nazrul Islam visited Laxmipur in June 1926. In the great war of independence of 1971, there were seventeen battles between the Pak-invading forces and the freedom fighters. There are three memorial pillars, two mass graves and a massacre center.

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