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Honda Company Job Circular 2022. There is a saying, “Man is as big as his dream!” The word is constant truth, do not believe? Let’s hear the story of such a person’s dream of becoming a world champion. The protagonist of this story is not a fairy tale character, but an ordinary human child made of flesh and blood. Who was the best in the world through his actions! And this man is none other than the son of the automobile empire “Saichiro Honda!” People all over the world know him as the founder of Honda Company Limited and the manufacturer of motorcycles. Today, when you see any brand of motorcycle on the road, you are informed that it is Honda. In today’s program we will hear the story of the thrilling colorful life of the rise and fall of Saichiro Honda. Saichiro Honda was born on November 16, 1906, in a small village at the foot of Mount Fuji in Japan, the land of the rising sun. His father was a blacksmith and his mother was Tati.

As a child, little Saichiro helped repair his father’s bicycle. Basically, he loved to work with machinery from an early age. The rules of the rude Honda school did not look good. At that time, the rule was that if someone did badly in school, his report card would be sent to the parents. So that the parents of the students see it and seal the family and send them back to school. Honda came up with an innovative idea to get rid of this report card paragraph. He became a guardian himself to save himself and others like him from the punishment of the last bench student. He arranged to make family seals from his bicycle garage equipment. However, even though he was temporarily saved from punishment, he was caught by his father and had to eat well. In 1922, at the age of fifteen, he left home for work in the capital, Tokyo. He began his career as an assistant at a car repair shop called Arto Shukai in Tokyo. Honda Company Job Circular 2022,

Honda Company Job Circular 2022

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Honda Company Job Circular 2022

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Also, the garage owner continues to assist in the work of another racing car design shop. Later, in the 1923 earthquake, Arto Shukai suffered extensive damage from the fire. During that accident, Saichiro bravely managed to save three racing cars. The shop owner is very happy. For this reason he was given the opportunity to work directly in racing car design. As a result, Honda confirmed its position as the 1st place team mechanic in the 1924 Japan Racing Car competition. Day by day Honda continues to build itself through its work plan, talent, qualifications and hard work. At one point, thanks to his tireless efforts, Arto Shukai became a popular service center in Tokyo. There are many branches of this service center open in different places. Honda later started working as the branch head. Honda Company Job Circular 2022.

Originally Honda was only 21 years old at the time and in that time he learned to make pistons. Saichiro Honda was a knowledge seeker and interested. So in addition to making piston rings, he tried to acquire business knowledge and skills in various fields. Basically, he became an inventor through this work. At one point, he mortgaged all his savings and his wife’s jewelry and began making car pistons. But then the pistons he made were not so good. And so he dared to enter the technical school at this age to increase his technical knowledge. He then concentrated on building a racing car. He originally tried to build the car using Ford’s engine. However, in this case, he has to be very disappointed, because the expected results did not happen. The car broke down before reaching 100 miles on the race track. Honda Company Job Circular 2022.

Honda Bangladesh Job Circular 2022

However, he did not give up, trying to fix the speed machine of this car. Like many celebrities, Saichiro did not catch Honda’s success very quickly. Repeatedly his life interrupted, but he did not give up. On the contrary, this man with a fighting spirit overcame his frustration and fought his own misfortune alone. At one point, he became attracted to car racing, which put him in great danger. In 1937, he seriously injured on a car racing field. One of his arms was broken in the accident and he hospitalized with serious injuries. ‘When danger comes with the team!’ There is no such thing! Sitting in a hospital bed, he heard that only three of the 30,000 pistons sent to Toyota for testing had passed quality control. Then he received a notice to leave the technical school! Visit more in job paper bd.

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