Golden I Plastic Industries Limited Job Circular 2022

Golden I Plastic Industries Limited Job Circular 2022. Pharmaceutical Industry Advanced pharmaceutical industry is playing an important role in the economy of the country. The development of this industry gained momentum since the enactment of the Drug Control Ordinance in 1982. At present Bangladeshi medicines exported to the world market. Moreover, this industry is supplying 98% of the required demand of the country. Leading pharmaceutical companies are increasing their export targets. There are currently 252 government-approved pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh, including domestic and foreign companies. At present, more than 75% of the pharmaceutical business in Bangladesh is controlled by domestic companies. However, out of the 20 companies that play a major role in the manufacture of medicines, 8 are multinational companies.

These multinational companies are importing all the life saving medicines of advanced technology as well as marketing new innovations in the country. Typically, multinational and large domestic companies manufacture their medicines following good production systems and proper quality control procedures. The main basis of the Drug Administration Act is the Drugs Act of 1940 and the regulations based on this Act. Earlier Unani, Ayurvedic, Homeopathy and Biochemical Medicine were outside this policy but now it is being regulated under it. A significant number of the poor and indigenous people of Bangladesh depend on this ancient medical system. At present there are 26 Unani, 201 Ayurvedic, 9 Herbal and 69 Homoeopathic and Biochemical medicine manufacturers. Golden I Plastic Industries Limited Job Circular 2022.

Golden I Plastic Industries Limited Job Circular 2022

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Golden Plastic Company Recruitment 2022

During the Pakistan period most of the multinational companies had their factories in West Pakistan. Naturally, after independence in 1971, the foundations of the pharmaceutical industry became very weak. Expenditure on the health sector was very low until a few years after independence. As a result, most of the life-saving drugs are out of reach of the common man. The enactment of the Drug Control Ordinance in 1982 stopped the marketing of harmful and unnecessary drugs and increased the supply of essential drugs at every stage of healthcare. Only through a competitive market can the prices of essential medicines be relatively low and within the reach of consumers. In 1971, there 16 licensed pharmaceutical factories in the country, but in Bangladesh, 7 multinational companies dominated the drug production and they alone supplied 85% of the drugs.

At that time, 25 medium-sized domestic pharmaceutical companies produced 15 percent and 133 companies produced the remaining 10 percent. These companies used to manufacture medicines locally from raw materials imported in foreign currency at a cost of Rs. 80 crore per annum. Despite having 16 local pharmaceutical companies in the country, medicines worth Tk 30 crore imported from abroad every year. As a result of the Narcotics Control Ordinance of 1972, raw materials for the manufacture of non-essential drugs and life-saving drugs which are not produced in the country were imported. As a result, the value of locally made medicines increased from Rs 110 crore in 1971 to Rs 1,690 crore in 1999. At present 98% of the total demand for medicines is being met with locally produced medicines.

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Domestic companies have now increased their share in the pharmaceutical market from 25 per cent to 75 per cent. Domestic and multinational companies are currently producing about 19,630 different brands of drugs under 1,071 generics. Currently, there 2,000 licensed wholesalers and approximately 80,000 retailers in the country who involved in drug distribution and distribution. Among the drugs produced in the country, infectious drugs are in the first place, followed by antacids and anti-ulcer drugs. Other notable medications include anti-inflammatory drugs, vitamins, antidepressants, and respiratory diseases. In recent times, domestic pharmaceutical companies have made great strides in producing effective pharmaceutical ingredients.

At present, the leading companies of the country are moving ahead to manufacture pharmaceutical raw materials commercially through joint ventures, technology transfer and joint ventures. There are 21 such companies, of which about 41 are developing and marketing effective pharmaceutical ingredients. Paracetamol, Ayemapillina Trai-hydrait, cloksilina sodium, dyclofanaka sodium, aluminum hydrocide dread jail, dextrose monohidrait hard jelatin capsule cell, chloroquine phospolata, propronolola hydrochloride, propronolola hydrochloride, parachalola, paracylola etc. , The process of making the basic components of a drug through synthesis limited to the last step. Many more basic needs of the manufacturing industry. chakrir kbr.

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