Friendship APDS NGO Job Circular 2022

Friendship APDS NGO Job Circular 2022. Bangladesh is the birthplace of friendship and the abode of the region where our activities are centered. The country was formed on the delta of two of the largest rivers in the world. The accumulation of silt from the Himalayas gives the soil of Bangladesh its unique fertility, but this geography also puts the country at risk of natural disasters. Twice a year, during the tropical cyclone season, devastating storms form in the Bay of Bengal and hit the southern coast of Bangladesh. Every monsoon season, a combination of melting snow from the Himalayas and local rainfall in torrential downpours causes severe flooding. Our activities are concentrated in remote areas of Bangladesh which are at the forefront of many global challenges that define today’s world, including climate crisis, lack of access to essential services, inequality and poverty. Friendship employs about 3,200 people in Bangladesh.

Two-thirds of whom belong to the community served by Friendship. As an international social purpose organization, we address social issues and always put the interests of the communities we serve first. Friendship is about helping people. We make 4 strong promises that are not consistent with all the communities we serve. In order to reach our vision and meet our goals, we apply our 5 core values ​​in all our actions. Since 2002, we have been providing demand-driven services to the community with a participatory and inclusive approach. Through an innovative, integrated development model and an entrepreneurial mindset, we achieve sustainable results. Friendship is a demand-driven and value-driven organization, deeply embedded in the communities that operate it. Friendship APDS NGO Job Circular 2022.

Friendship APDS NGO Job Circular 2022

  • Deadline: 15 June 2022
  • Vacancy: See Circular
  • Online Apply Now See Below
Friendship APDS NGO Job Circular 2022

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Since all problems interrelated, we created an integrated development model where all organizational sectors work in close interaction. Our programs extend across our floating hospitals and include access to healthcare for all, disaster relief, capacity building and economic development, climate resilience, access to education, inclusion and rights, and cultural preservation. This pragmatic, holistic and participatory approach to implementing solutions has proven to work. It gives high social returns for the community and donors. When you visit our website or donate online or offline, you may provide us with personal information (such as name, address, email address, telephone number and / or credit / debit card information) that you may wish to disclose knowingly or otherwise. Are collected on an individual basis for the purpose. job paper bd.

These purposes include registering to receive email newsletters or other content, requesting more information from us about projects and services, approving us, ordering merchandise, requesting, submitting a form on our website, or simply asking a question. We accept and store any information you enter into our website or provide it to us in any other way, whether online or offline. We need personal information so that we can fulfill your request and return your message. This information stored and used in accordance with existing laws, rules, regulations and other principles. Friendship does not collect personal information from you unless you provide it to us. If you choose not to provide any of that information, we will not be able to fulfill your request or complete your order, but you will still be free to browse other sections of the Friendship Owned and Managed Websites.

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