Department of Narcotics Control Job Circular 2021

Department of narcotics control job circular 2021 published successful to you. Find more jobs information in The use of drugs is very ancient in the socio-economic, cultural and historical context of Bangladesh. The British East India Company started the first opium cultivation and opium business in India for their commercial interests and issued a farman and appointed some officers for it. The British made a lot of money by producing opium in India, exporting it to other parts of the world, including China, and opening opium shops in this country. The first opium law introduced in 1858, bringing the opium business under government control, and the Opium Department established in 18 by amending the Opium Act.

Then the collection of revenue from cannabis and alcohol also started and in 1909 the Bengal Excise Act and the Bengal Excise Department established. In addition to opium, alcohol, and marijuana, the government enacted The Dangerous Drugs Act-1930 in 1930, when various types of drugs made from opium and cocaine became widespread. Besides the government enacted The Opium Smoking Act-1932 in 1932 and the Dangerous Drugs Rules-1939 in 1939 to control opium use. Then the establishment of Pakistan in 1947, TheProhibition Rules-1950 made in 1950 to control alcohol consumption for Muslims. The Opium Sales Rules-1957 enacted in 1956 during the Pakistan period. Then in the sixties the Bengal Excise Department renamed as the Excise and Taxation Department and placed under the Ministry of Finance.

Department of Narcotics Control Job Circular 2021

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Department of Narcotics Control Job Circular 2021

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Now the rise of Bangladesh through the Great War of Liberation, the Excise and Taxation Department reorganized in 1976 and placed under the National Board of Revenue under the name of Directorate of Narcotics and Liquor. In 1982, the production and marketing of codeine-mixed cough syrups, some alcoholic health tonics, tablets, syrups, etc. banned. Opium and alcohol banned in 1974, cannabis cultivation stopped in 1978 and all cannabis shops closed down in 1979. Find more jobs on

So until 1989, the main objective of the Directorate of Narcotics and Liquor was to collect revenue from drugs produced in the country. But drug abuse and illicit trafficking increased alarmingly around the world in the 1980s. To address this problem in Bangladesh, the Drug Control Ordinance, 1979 enacted in late 1989 to prevent drug abuse and illicit trafficking, to develop public awareness about the harmful effects of drugs and to treat and rehabilitate drug addicts. Then on January 2, 1990, the Narcotics Control Act, 1990 enacted and the Narcotics and Liquor replaced by the Department of Narcotics Control under the Secretariat of the then President in the same year. Then on September 9, 1991, the department transferred to the Ministry of Home Affairs.

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