Bombay Sweets Company Limited Job Circular 2022

Bombay Sweets Company Limited Job Circular 2022. The Indian subcontinent has always been famous for its sweets like Laddu, Pera, Barfi and Rasgula. Sweet Tooth and Bombay Suits were created out of a desire to create quality sweets. It all started in 1948 with a small cottage factory with a retail front at Nawabpur in Old Dhaka. In addition to sweets, a local ethnic breakfast called Chanachur is a flagship product from the start. We invented several tempting forms of potato, corn, wheat and rice based chips. We strive to satisfy customers who have a constant desire for new and exciting tastes, which makes us a long time favorite snack company. Combined with joy, fun and excitement, we are offering the most mouth watering ethnic snacks with a variety of delicious foods. Our snack mix is ​​enjoyed by all ages.

We are seeing and experiencing a brand new packaging style of fruit drink called “JUCY”, original taste and quality mango, strawberry etc. JUCY has no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors to reassure mothers of all concerns. It is available in Aluminum Foil-Straw-Inside Hygienic Pack which is an innovative design to appeal to the style adopting kids. Juicy taste, a great combination of nutrients. Combined with convenience and unique home flavors, we have incorporated spices into our range using the most advanced technology to enhance the aroma and taste. We cover a wide range from basic spices to ready mixes for cereal and pulse based blends. Our efforts are focused on becoming a signature culinary brand in Bangladesh and abroad. To make your busy life easier, we make frozen food like Roti Paratha, Puri, Spring Roll Pastry etc. at home and abroad. Bombay Sweets Company Limited Job Circular 2022.

Bombay Sweets Company Limited Job Circular 2022

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Bombay Sweets Company Limited Job Circular 2022

Deadline: 30 March 2022

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We have the right mix of ingredients to give you an unforgettable dining experience. People in Bombay preferred sweets (sweets and chanachur) and business flourished. In the following years, new outlets were opened at Baitul Mukarram and New Market. But it was only after 1971, when Bangladesh gained independence that Bombay Suits really expanded its product offerings. The company began producing drinks such as biscuits, dried cakes, toast and even oranges, lemons and pineapple squash. More cottage factories were established at Captain Bazar, Banagram, Rankin Street and Fakirapul in Old Dhaka. In the new millennium, Bombay Suites has two factories in Dhaka and Narayanganj. The company continues to build its flagship products and launches many new brands. In order to maintain the quality of its products, it has its own packaging industry.

Now a funny story for his first big money to grow, the company contacted a bank. Samples of the company’s products distributed among the participants in the meeting. Asking a question about the risks and effectiveness of a bank executive project; To which the company representative replied, “Sir, all the product samples I received for the meeting already consumed, there are only empty packs on the table If the product was not good, no one could finish the packs.” Everyone laughed at this observation. And immediately the loan granted. As the company continues to grow, we look to the future with great confidence and excitement. As we continue to innovate and innovate, we are working to expand our reach worldwide. No matter where you read it now, our goal is to make our products available to you. job paper bd.

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