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Bangladesh Law Commission Job Circular 2022, The Law Commission is an independent body constituted by law enacted in the National Assembly for the purpose of reviewing the existing laws in Bangladesh and recommending necessary reforms. It is not a branch of government intended to act as a legal advisor or drafting cell; Its main function is to carry out legal reform programs in various fields keeping in view all laws. Then in 1853, 181 and 179 three law commissions were formed in phases. The First Law Commission formulated recommendations in other cases, including the formulation of the Indian Penal Code of 180, and the Criminal Procedure Code of 1898. The next three law commissions enriched the jurisprudence of India, including the Bengal region, by enacting timely laws. Visit more in

The Agreement Act and the Transfer of Property Act of 182, are the result of the efforts of the first four law commissions. During the Pakistan period two law reform commissions were formed. One formed in 1958 under the chairmanship of Justice SA Rahman and the other the Law Reform Commission formed in 1986 under the chairmanship of Justice Hamudur Rahman. The SA Rahman Law Reform Commission examined the reasons for the delay in civil and criminal cases and recommended necessary amendments to the relevant laws. The Hamudur Rahman Commission presented a comprehensive report on the protracted nature of civil and criminal cases. In Bangladesh, the Law Reform Commission formed in 1974 under the chairmanship of Justice Kamaluddin Hossain. The second law reform commission formed in 1989 under the chairmanship of Justice Altaf Hossain. Bangladesh Law Commission Job Circular 2022 image see below.

Bangladesh Law Commission Job Circular 2022

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Bangladesh Law Commission Job Circular 2022

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Deadline: 16 February 2022

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Among other things, the commission examined the procedure of civil and criminal law and recommended some amendments to ensure speedy trial in civil and criminal cases. Another law commission formed in 1990 under the chairmanship of Barrister Asrarul Hossain. The commission short-lived and made a number of recommendations on the Civil Procedure Code of 1908. In 1994, the government of Bangladesh accepted the proposal to form another law reform commission, but virtually no commission formed till May 1996. Following the assumption of office by the caretaker government, a law reform commission constituted on May 25, 1996, appointing retired Supreme Court Justice Naimuddin Ahmed as its member and acting president. On 4 August 1997, former Chief Justice of Bangladesh Fazle Qaderi Mohammad Abdul Munim appointed as the Chairman of the newly constituted Law Reform Commission.

In order to establish a permanent law commission, the law commission bill 1996 passed in the parliament on 9 September of that year. According to the provisions of the Law Commission Act of 1996, the Law Reform Commission transformed into a Law Commission. Retired Supreme Court Justice Amin-ur-Rahman Khan was appointed another member of the commission on September 22 after the law passed. The Law Commission Act provides for the formation of a commission consisting of at least three members including the chairman. They were appointed by the government. The term of office of the Chairman and members is three years from the date of appointment. They not removed except for serious misconduct, physical or mental disability. They re-appointed for one or more terms. Other conditions and benefits of employment, including their gratuity, are determined by the government.

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At present the Law Commission consists of a Chairman and two members. The objectives and functions of the Law Commission as defined in the Law Commission Act of 1996 are 1. Examine and scrutinize prescribed laws and recommend amendments or replacements to make them timely; 2. Recommending reforms to modernize the judiciary; 3. Making recommendations on training methods for judges, lawyers and law officers; 4. To recommend provisions relating to non-application and prevention of misapplication of law; 5. To recommend measures to ensure speedy and efficient investigation of criminal cases; . To recommend arrangements for efficient administration of court administration. Now see more jobs in job paper bd.

Making recommendations on electoral law reform; . Recommendations for reform of commercial laws, such as copyright, trademark, patent, arbitration, contract, registration and other similar laws; 9. Recommend appropriate legislation to protect the rights of women and children, including prevention of abuse; 10. To recommend appropriate provisions to expand and implement legal aid activities; 11. Identify inconsistent, contradictory and outdated laws and make recommendations for repeal; 12. Identify laws that are inconsistent with fundamental rights and recommend repeal; 13. Recommendations on references sent by the government on constitutional or legal matters and 14. Conduct research in various fields of law.

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