Bangladesh Handloom Board Job Circular 2023

Bangladesh Handloom Board Job Circular 2023. The term “loom weaving” comes from “fiber weaving”. Loom whose occupation is loom or loom. And those who apply special techniques in this weaving are called fabric engineers. A loom is a type of machine used to make cloth or yarn from cotton. Weaving of different types. From very small hand portable looms to huge specific looms can be seen. Automatic looms are used in modern textile factories. It is difficult to say that the history of weaving is correct. They called a class of nomads – initially they came from the Indus Basin to Murshidabad in West Bengal and started weaving.

But seeing the bad weather, they set out in search of a new place and moved to the Rajshahi region of Bangladesh. Seeing the unfavorable weather there too. The Basakas divided into two groups, one at Bajitpur in Kishoreganj and the other at Dhamrai in Dhaka. However, some of them involved in silk work and remained in Rajshahi. Before starting work in Dhamrai, the Basakas got involved in a conflict among themselves. As a result, many Basaks moved to the Chohatta region of the neighboring country. From then on, the Basak weavers permanently divided into Chauhatta and Dhamrai.

Moreover, looking at the history of weaving industry, it known that Manipuri weaving industry has been making these garments since ancient times. These looms commonly used to make table cloths, scarves, ladies sheets, saris, towels, mufflers, towels, mosquito nets etc. The weaving industry of the Manipuri community developed mainly to Bangladesh Handloom Board Job Circular 2023

Bangladesh Handloom Board Job Circular 2023

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  • Vacancy: 01
  • Deadline: 15 January 2023

Bangladesh Handloom Board Job Circular 2023

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Later weaving materials became popular and used in Bengali society. Specially designed 12 hand manipuri sari, nakshi orna, beautifully designed winter shawl is the favorite dress of Bengali women. During the British rule, weaving industry as cottage industry occupied a special place not only in the country but also in foreign trade. Weavers have created a unique place in this country for the excellence of weaving industry by acquiring skills in the lineage.

But due to unequal taxes during the British rule, various restrictions imposed on the use of looms, various strategies to create a market for British textiles, the weaving society could not retain its heritage. Gradually the crisis in the weaving industry intensified. There was no solution to the crisis even after independence. The expansion of the market economy has further complicated the problem of weavers. job paper bd.

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At present, the market has gone against the traditional weavers due to the free entry of various types, colors and designs, which are the victims of indirect aggression in the guise of free market economy. The expansion of the monetary economy has led to a capital crisis. Most of the marginal weavers and loom owners have become slaves to the moneylenders. Weavers have to face moneylenders for yarn and dye chemistry.

The role of weaving industry in our economy: The role of weaving industry in the national economy of Bangladesh is immense. Handloom looms produce about 600 million meters of textile each year, which meets about 40 percent of domestic demand. The value added tax from this industry is about Rs. 1500.00 crore. Bangladesh’s weaving industry is the largest cottage industry in the country.

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